Faakersee Austria September 2007

This year will be my first time, visiting one of the biggest European Harley-events, called EUROPEAN BIKE-WEEK
We will be in Austria the whole first week of September, ridin' through the mountains and explore what's happening out there

The motortrailer is loaded with our two Harley's, were ready for take of.........

During our 1150 km trip to Austria, we checked the bikes several times if they were still fastened tight

We hired two apartments at Lake Ossiach (in German: Ossiacher See)

Lake Ossiach

short video: ridin' along lake Ossiach

We started with the Nockalm road, a beautiful road with many windings
we made many stops to enjoy the views

to get on top of these beautiful mountains we often had to do more then 50 hairpin bents
but then again, driving these bents is what we came for, so..............

To drive these special Alp-routes we had to pay seven euro's at a toll-house
2042 meters above sea level we reached the top

such gradients make you shift down to first gear even without this sign
we drove gradients up to 25 %

left: morning fog over lake Ossiach
right: Italian Alps

we crossed the borders of Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Italy

we drove through beautiful mountains in Slovenia

left: crossing the Italian Border
right: somewhere in the Italian Alps

to get back to Austria we found another beautiful mountain pass

At this Faakersee European bike-week people dress the way they feel it's best
right: during this event the Castle called: Landskron was open for Harley's

Harley's everywhere, during this week

Another Alp road called: Villacher Alpenstrasse

there was more then enough to explore

the higher we got,
the vieuws were getting better and better


my travelling-companions Lein and Anny enjoying the view

no comment needed,


impression of the event

we saw many custombuild motorcycles

a week is gone before you know, so it's time to upload the bikes and go homewards